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Signed Copy of Bohemian Magick + Tarot Cloth + Spectaculus Class

Let me write a Love 💝 Letter to YOU in the front of your very own copy of Bohemian Magick. This book is a magickal portal that hums with good vibes for you on your Witchy adventures! Open the book and let's travel on a journey together!

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You will also receive the Tarot Cloth along with your book and the Spectaculus School of Magic will be available online in your Varlow Academy Library!

It's HERE! The Limited Edition Varlow Academy of Magick Tarot Cloth designed by me & David Varlow and drawn by legendary Art Witch, Tara Bystran! With magick symbols, secret signs and deep meanings, the Varlow Academy of Magick Tarot Cloth is the perfect pairing to Bohemian Magick!

This high-end 24" x 24" tarot cloth was designed with love to give you the most accurate readings and mystical new card spreads! Use it as a cloth to read your cards on, wrap it in your hair for ritual purposes, or display it on your altar to draw in even more magick!

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