$165.00 USD

Ultimate Magick Package: Signed Book, Tarot Cloth, SpellCasting School & "My Deck, Your Card"


You get it ALL! This magick package features "My Deck, Your Card". Here's how it works: I pick one card from you from one of my Tarot Tuesday decks by focusing on your name, shuffling and choosing. I then hand-write a description for you and mail both the card and description to your home! You get your very own piece of Tarot Tuesday! Perfect to frame, keep with your own magick deck as an extra pop of magick card, display on your altar or give as a gift. 

You will also receive by mail - a signed Bohemian Magick with love letter in front and the brand new tarot cloth!

You will be instantly enrolled in the 6 week Spectaculus School of Spellcasting (that you can watch and learn on your own time) and you will also receive the mini-class "How to Read With the Varlow Academy Tarot Cloth"!

When you purchase this tarot cloth, know that this was a true collaboration of real Witches, real artists and real community!

(Free shipping in the USA only. If you would like to purchase a signed copt to be shipped outside of the USA, please email me at [email protected] and I will work with you to make it happen!)