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When we do believe in magic, when we connect with our selves, each other and the world...WE CAN DO ANYTHING!

Five Magickal Days of Witch Camp™ October 9th - 14th!

If you've ever dreamed of living in a Victorian Mansion in New Orleans with a Secret Sisterhood of Witches who study tea leaves in vintage cups, who uncover secret grimoires from the Tree of Story, who perfume the air with sweet incense in their cauldrons, who craft their own magickal tools and lift each other up in love & community for an unforgettable week....

Witch Camp™ is your dream come TRUE!

Welcome Home! There Are Still a Few Spaces Available!

Learn more about New Orleans Witch Camp: The Magician October 30th - November 5th, 2023!

The Definitive Tarot Class!

Easy, Fun, Comprehensive, Unforgettable! Go on a journey through the Major Arcana, the Suits, the Court Cards and MORE, with videos, workbooks and fun exercise questions. You'll learn tarot and in the process learn about yourself, life and the stories all around us! Download the Syllabus (PART1, PART2) Here's a sample from the Workbook (THE LOVERS)

Learn more about The Love Witch Tarot School!

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"I’ve been practicing tarot for more than half my life and it wasn’t until this course that I truly understood. From there I was able to get my own interpretations. Between the upbeat attitude and the way that both Veronica and Grandma Helen in spirit explained the cards were just beautiful. Can’t say enough good things about this course! It was my first but I’ve moved on to take all the others offered. Always worth the money. Honestly worth so much more."

Dee Oleander
The Love Witch Tarot School

Witch Camp: Craft and Enchant Your Own Magickal Grimoire!

Over the course of SEVEN fun-filled camp modules with videos and workbooks offering poetic and powerful instructions, you'll create the foundation of your powerful, personal grimoire, your magick spellbook filled with secret incantations, juicy rituals, moon magick, your own signature sigil seal and much much more!  A link to download the Syllabus (HERE!)

Learn more about Witch Camp: Crafting Your Enchanted Grimoire!

Unleash Your Inner Love Witch!

Saying YES to yourself is the first action step to open the doors of love to you in every aspect of your life. 

Welcome to the Love Witch Academy!

Here you will find that our time spent together can only be expressed as life-affirming, luscious and LEGENDARY. Here at the Love Witch Academy, I will help you uncover your secret charms and a a love story unique to you.

Get ready to unleash your inner Love Witch and cast a spell on the world around you. 

Allow yourself to be vulnerable, know that you are in a safe space, and get ready to dive into your wildest, gorgeous uncensored self. That's where all the magick is!

Download the Syllabus (PART1, PART2) Here's a sample from the Workbook (DRESS YOU UP)

Open the doors to the Love Witch Academy, it is all waiting for you.....

Learn More about Love Witch Academy: A Ten Part Sensuality and Sex Magic Course

(Excerpt from the workbook for Witch Camp: Creating Your Own Magickal Grimoire.)

You, Dear One, are a wild thing.

Being a Witch is remembering your Wild.

Your Grimoire is not meant to be perfect. It wants to be wildly imperfect. 

It wants the slanted curve of your cursive writing. It wants the stains from your morning coffee.

It wants your lip prints, your muddy fingerprints, your smeared art. It wants your poetry the bad and the good.

It wants your breath blown on it like a wish. It wants a lock of your hair.

It wants your candles dripped on it and the pages you love that you ripped from magazines. It wants glue and smeared markers.

It wants you when you shine like the lighthouse and it wants you as you curl in the shadow of darkness.

It is not afraid of who you are.

Neither am I.

Let us begin this time together...without judgement, without holding back, without hiding.

Let us RISE in our Freedom of the genuine form of our Wild Soul. SO BE IT.

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