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~Witch Camp: The Year of the Magician

Spring Session 2023~ 

Welcome Home



An Unforgetable Immersive Journey of Spellcasting, Rituals and Community at a Historical Mansion in New Orleans.

"When you show up for your magick, your magick shows up for you."

“Witch Camp was one of the most important experiences of my life. It filled me up with so much love and appreciation that I barely recognized myself. I became a new woman in Witch Camp because I recognized my gifts. Leaving Witch Camp - I felt reborn and I can’t wait to go back !” - Shana

What is the Witch Camp Experience?

Witch Camp is an immersive journey that has a real life magickal story arc. Each day, you will gain mystical knowledge and experience with spells and rituals that build upon each other. Then, together as a group, we put all of our practices into action in our closing high magick ceremony on the final night.  

Immerse Yourself in the Mystery & Magick:

  • Remember the power within you as you honor your own story and you recite the secret spell to uncover your own Grimoire from the Tree of Story.
  • Reignite your own sense of wonder in a unique historic space designed to encourage creativity and spark your supernatural side.
  • Embrace the Wild Witch that you are as you are anointed with golden frankincense, myrrh & amber as you learn high ceremonial rituals to boost your magick, connect to your Ancestors and increase your confidence. 
  • Cultivate your own unique natural abilities as you are surrounded by a nurturing, safe and inclusive community of magick-minded friends.
  • Gather around the cauldron at the bonfire to learn Sigil Songs and perform music magick with handmade instruments.
  • Carve beeswax pyramid candles with intention and learn passed-down folk magick secrets of candle spells from my Bohemian ancestors.
  • Learn the mysteries of rootwork from New Orleans herbal practitioner, LaReina and craft your own mystical tea to take home.
  • Discover your own supernatural strengths and unlock your individual 'clair' (how you connect psychically) through the Spirit Communication course with best-selling author and notable New Orleans Witch, Tonya Brown.
  • Embrace the power of your own personal magick as you weave spells and gain step-by-step guidance (because Witch Camp has a limited capacity of 13 campers per week - this personal experience offers individual attention and a full, connected experience!)
  • Uncover magickal spell casting secrets that they wouldn't let me put into print in Bohemian Magick!
  • Make memories (and a community of Witch kindred friends) of a lifetime in the Mystery Mansion of New Orleans!

''The thing that I truly cherish is the amount of crafted magic we create and have to take home with us. To remember, that the sisterhood, the Magick and our ownership of the power we all have is real. It's there, inside of us. I look at the magick crafts we made and the time and rituals we did making them. I feel the love, the sisterhood and I am instantly connect back to being in a safe and powerful place." - Midnight Ruby

The Story Behind Witch Camp

One of the biggest questions I get is: "How do I know if I'm a Witch?"

I believe that we were all born with magickal gifts. 

When we were children, we allowed ourselves time to play, to create art without judgement, to use our intuition & our wild imaginations.

Witch Camp provides that safe space to ignite that spark of childhood, but now with the power and wisdom of your adult self. 

My personal mission in creating Witch Camp is to uplift and support you on your own journey, so that you may fully embrace your unique supernatural gifts and uncover powers you might not have even been aware of.

Witch Camp is also a place for you to discover new aspects of the Craft with hands-on instruction in a nurturing learning environment. All of the Witch Camp teachers focus on nonjudgemental learning techniques to create space for campers to try new ideas, to volunteer new imaginative ways of magick, to share and to encourage new ways to tap into their own individual high magick without fear of failure, mistakes or ridicule. With this method of learning and sharing, I have witnessed people brand new to the Craft lead powerful ritual when they listened to what their heart and their own intuition told them.

I believe that true magick is a matter of remembering what's already within you and giving that a voice.

My mission is to create a safe space in this fellowship that you can always call home.

''Each and every moment, from quiet journaling in the woods to the grand group ceremonies, I cherish dearly. Witch Camp has had a profound affect on my life; helping me to meet like-minded friends and to weave magick into my daily life." - Heather Blanchard

The Witch Camp Creed

Witch Camp welcomes all levels of experience from brand-new beginners to advanced practitioners. We believe that everyone has their own unique magick to share and also to learn at Witch Camp. This retreat is open to all female, queer, trans, non-binary and two spirit identified people. We foster a climate of purposeful inclusion, an environment where all can feel safe, valued, cared for and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other. We cherish the diversity of humanity, a diversity which includes differences in age, race, ethnicity, natural origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation and gender identity, because when we learn and share our unique experiences in a thriving, safe community, that's where the real magick happens. 

Your Witch Camp Instructors & Experiences

Veronica Varlow

Ritual. Divination. Spellcasting.

Veronica is the last daughter of a line of Bohemian Witches, the author of Bohemian Magick and creatrix of Witch Camp. 

Veronica will be crafting unique rituals & ceremony to amplify your power and help you discover magick within you that you may not have even known you've had. Veronica will guide you through the power of your own story and capturing that magick in a grimoire to always remember who you are. She will be teaching divination, sigil songs, ritual to connect with your spirit allies & ancestors, and how to cast powerful spells in a techniques passed down by her beloved Grandma Helen.


Folk Magick & Rootwork

LaReina is the owner of Queenly Conjure, a Folk Magic Traveling Tea Room. Based in New Orleans, LaReina crafts intentional herbal teas inspired by lunar magic, the heritage of Folk Magic, and the cultural importance of Rootwork. 

LaReina will be guiding you through the art of an intentional Tea Ceremony, as she explains the magick stories and customs of the herbs used in the tea. Experience the powers of tea when their herbs are used with intention and purpose. Come to this beautiful Witchy tea party in the Mystery Mansion Parlour and sip a cup of magick!

Tonya Brown

Mediumship/Spirit Communication

Tonya A. Brown is the best-selling author of The Door to Witchcraft. She is the editor-in-chief of Witch Way Publishing and host of the Witch Daily Show.

In this class we will learn our individual clairs (how you connect psychically) as well as exercises to connect energetically using your clair. We’ll share different ways of spirit communication (dice and spirit boards), and we will end the class with a group guided meditation with the intention of picking up information on the spirits of the house and land. 

"At Witch Camp, Veronica creates moments of magic and beauty that stir up the cauldron of power within you and help bring forth your most powerful, playful and purposeful self." - Jenn Rose

Your Witch Camp Ticket Includes:

  • A One-on-One 30-Minute Personal Magick Journey Session with Veronica (scheduled upon sign-up)
  • Meet The Witches (One Hour Zoom Call Prior To Camp Beginning To Foster Friendships & Connection
  • 7 Days at the Mystery Mansion (Monday Check-In at 3pm-Sunday Check-Out at Noon)
  • 5 Days of Daily Lessons (Monday-Friday) with a Unique Line-Up of Witch Instructors
  • Your Own Witch Camp Grimoire 
  • Interactive Rituals Custom Tailored to the Group
  • Hands-On Art Magick Crafting
  • A Handmade Magickal Witch Camp Pyramid Beeswax Carved Candle and Organic Root Work Tea To Take Home with You!
  • A Hand-Crafted Ceremonial Witch Camp Talisman Will Be Gifted You to Keep for a Lifetime.
  • Meet The Witches for Witchy Hors d'oeuvres & Warlock Lemonade on Monday 4pm Meeting Hour!
  • Daily Breakfast (Tuesday-Friday) Selection of Snowy Owl Teas (mmmm!), Craft Coffees, Local Pastries, Granola Bars and Fruit 
  • Daily Vegetarian Lunch Provided by Milkfig Apothecary (Tuesday-Friday)
  • Pizza Party with New Orleans' Famous Pizza Delicious on Friday Night!

Sample Schedules

Of course, at Witch Camp, there are always delicious Witchy surprises that won't be revealed until you arrive - but these sample schedules will give you an idea of flow.

  • Day 1: Monday
    • 3pm Check-In and Arrival for All Witch Campers.
    • 4pm-5pm: Meet the Witches! Refreshments and Culinary Treats will be served by the Milkfig Apothecary in the Mystery Mansion's 1860's Vintage Kitchen.
    • 5pm-6pm: Beginning Our Journey: Crossroads Ritual, Secret Witch Camp Song and Introductions.
    • 6pm-8pm: The Red Cloak Ceremony
  • Day 2: Tuesday (Theme: Word Witchery & Story Spells Day):
    • 8am-10am: Breakfast 
    • 10am-11am: Circle Opening with Veronica Varlow 
    • 11am-12pm Casting Our Circle and Crafting Our Own Unique Quarter Calls with Music & Word Witchery- How To Create An Invocation For the Directions.
    • 12pm-1pm Permission Granted Ritual
    • 1pm-2pm Lunch Loving Curated By Milkfig Apothecary
    • 2pm-5pm Free Time in New Orleans (You may take this time for a nap, for writing and self-reflection, or you can explore the French Quarter and local sites!)
    • 5pm-6pm The Tree of Story Ritual with Veronica Varlow
    • 6pm-7pm Grandma Helen's Palm of Roses and Citrus Ritual
  • Day 3: Wednesday (Theme: Song Spells & the Magick of Music, Also - on Wednesdays, We Wear Black) 
    • 8am-10am: Breakfast
    • 10am-11am: Circle Share:  Co-Creating Magick With Our Future Selves
    • 11-12pm: How To Create Your Own Spell Temple with Veronica Varlow
    • 12pm-1pm: Root Work with LaReina from Queenly Conjure
    • 1pm-2pm Lunch Loving Curated By Milkfig Apothecary
    • 2pm-5pm: Free Time
    • 5pm-7pm: Journey to the Odetta: The Oracle of Rock Cliff Lane
  •  Day 4: Thursday (Theme: Supernatural Superstars): 
    • 8am-10am: Breakfast
    • 10am-11am Morning Circle & Group Tarot Speed Read with Veronica Varlow
    • 11am-1pm: Speaking to the Spirits with Tonya Brown
    • 1pm-2pm Lunch Loving Curated By Milkfig Apothecary
    • 2pm-5pm Free Time
    • 5pm-7pm Candle Magick, Sigil Crafting and Sigil Songs at the Bonfire with Veronica Varlow
  • Day 5: Friday: 
    • 8am-10am: Breakfast
    • 10am-11am Circle Stitching & Craft Circle to Enchant Grimoires
    • 11-1pm Witch Camp Scroll Ceremony
    • 1pm-2pm Lunch Loving Curated By Milkfig Apothecary
    • 2pm-4pm Free Time
    • 4pm-5pm: Magick and Memory Circle with the Witch Camp Fellowship
    • 5pm-7pm: Bonfire Lighting and Magician Vows Ceremony with Veronica Varlow
    • 7pm Pizza Party from New Orleans famous Pizza Delicious!

Witch Camp: The Magician April 10th - April 16th, 2023


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Witch Camp: The Magician April 10th - April 16th, 2023


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